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When we acquired "The Home of Cottage Law" in Suttons Bay, it was a decision endorsed and encouraged by our northern Michigan clients.

Cottage law, agribusiness law, estate planning, business succession planning, real estate and property tax appeals and related matters are core practice areas of our firm.

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Dan Penning is recognized as the expert in Cottage Law and helping families realize their goals of saving the family cottage. A complete cottage succession plan provides practical solutions to the intricacies of complicated problems associated with preserving the use, and enjoyment, of your family cottage for future generations. When you exercise the succession options available to you and your family you are able to protect what's important to you, the family cottage.

Even though many attorneys claim they do "estate planning", it doesn't necessarily mean they are qualified to perform the skilled and insightful processes of cottage succession planning. A solid cottage plan will include specific cottage rules, guidelines for shared ownership, and most importantly, a plan which legally prevents conflicts, and successful title transfers to minimize federal taxes.

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Our attorneys value the privilege of being able to provide legal services to over 100 corporations and business entities, including partnerships and non-profit corporations, as well as thousands of individual business owners and families.

We know you don't want something important to you wasted. Give us a call today to learn if cottage planning will work for you, what your cottage succession options are to plan for your family cottage, and what you need to do to start the cottage planning process.

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